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Beginn Ausbildung Sankaran-Methode Berlin (Grundkurs Wochenenden)

07.11.20 bis 08.11.20

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6th International WISH Congress 2021 in Berlin

7 to 9 May 2021, Berlin

New Horizons - Sensation Homeopathy as a healing approach to the diseases of our time

In the last 20-30 years, we have seen an increase in the incidence of chronic diseases in our patients. Autoimmune diseases, cancers, diabetes, multiple allergies, infertility and mental illnesses such as eating disorders, burnout and addictons are apparent signs of modern times. Neither are children spared from serious illnesses such as juvenile rheumatism, diabetes, allergies, athma, or from behavioral problems and disorders.

The Sensation Method, that is solidly built upon the foundation of Classical Homeopathy, through utilization of the systematic classification of substances is able to increase the number of remedies we use, thus helping patients overcome new and complicated diseases. Hitherto unknown remedies such as lanthanides, actinides, imponderables, and new remedies of animal origin, as well as the systematic classification of already known remedies and the inclusion of the evolutionary stages make it possible to answer pathological events in great depth by discovering the most similar remedy for the patient.

Sensation Method anamnesis and case analysis follow logical and comprehensible steps that can be logically understood and mastered. Even though there are now a wide variety of treatment approaches, the aim is always to find the deepest pattern of disturbance in the patient. This will play out in all areas of life, and can be obsevered and analyzed in such a way as to be free of interpretation by the practitioner. With this in mind we are pleased to welcome renowned international lecturers as speakers at this congress, such as Rajan Sankaran, Bhawisha Joshi, Bob Blair, Annette Sneevliet, Jayesh Shah, Dinesh Chauhan, Resie Moonen, Anne Schadde, Wyka Evelyn Feige and thus provide an insight to the multitude of approaches with the Sensation Method. All cases will be given as video presentations, so that this captivating process can be followed step by step and the greatest possible learning be had.


Looking to Eatern Europe - the WISH Congress 2021 in Berlin

With the choice of Berlin as the venue for the 6th International WISH Congress 2021 in Berlin we would like to attract more international participants. The city with its history of transformation and as a symobol of the division of Europe into East and West, is particularly suited to look towards Eastern Europe and to invite our Eastern European colleagues. In order to help our colleagues from Eastern European countries to attend the congress, which is expensive for them, we suggest a scheme of personal sponsorship. In concrete terms, we propse that economically well-off participants voluntarily pay a solidarity fee of 100 € in addition to their participation fee, in order to enable the participation of an Eastern European colleague. We ask that all the colleagues who wish to support this financing model, to register latest by the end of the early bird discount on 15.12.2020 and all participants from Eastern Europe, who wish up to take a sponsored place to apply by this date. We can award as many sponsored places as we can find sponsors for and will do so in the order in which applications are recieved.


Auditorium Friedrichstraße, Quartier 110
Friedrichstraße 180
DE - 10117 Berlin-Mitte

Seminar Times
Fr.  07.05.21 from 9.30am to 6.30pm (incl. 2 hours lunch break)
Sa. 08.05.21 from 9.30am to 6.30pm (incl. 2 hours lunch break)
So. 09.05.21 from 9.00am to 3.00pm (incl. 1 hour lunch break)

Education points
Health practitioners: 22 (of which 8 clinical points)
Ärztekammer and DZVhÄ: requested
(Scientific direction: Andreas Holling)

Congress Fees 
Normal price               330,- € (early bird)* / 360,- €
Students**                   310,- € (early bird)* / 330,- €
Sponsor price              430,- € 
Sponsered price          250,- € (Simultaneous translation inclusive)
Single day                     130,- € (please indicate date)
Simultaneous translation  40,- €
*   Early bird discount until bis 15.12.2020. The 'Sponsor price' is always valid for early booking discount and we ask you to register until that date.
**  From Universities or in training for Homeopathy. Please provide evidence of training place.

Bank Details
Evelyn Feige
IBAN DE25 1005 0000 1110 1631 49
Berliner Sparkasse BIC BELABEDEXXX

Important Notes
To confirm your place the congress fee must be paid in advance. Cancellation and a refund is availabe until 31.3.21, less a 30 € handling fee. After that date, no refounds are available, however you may nominate someone else to take your place. If the congress is fully booked, we will inform you immediately by email. In the unlikely event that the congress is fully booked or has to be cancelled due to an insufficient numbers of participants, or other circumstances, we will also inform you immediately by email and refund the fee already paid in full. No further claims can be made beyond this.


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