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Beginn Ausbildung Sankaran-Methode Berlin (Grundkurs Wochenenden)

29.08.20 bis 13.11.22

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Rajan Sankaran's

Sensation Method has decisively influenced classical homeopathy over the last 15 years. The prescription safety and the quota of cases in which a remedy with a very deep effect, if not the simillimum, has been found over a long period of time on all levels, has increased significantly thanks to Systematic Homeopathy.

The Systematics

which was developed by him and other colleagues conducting research worldwide, has brought about an incredible expansion of the Materia Medica to several thousand resources. Moreover, with this deep type of anamnesis it is not uncommon for the patient to be able to name or describe the remedy himself or herself (source anamnesis).

With Dynamis Homeopathy Seminars

I commit myself to this new revolutionary way of practising homeopathy and would like to pass on this work, which I consider a great gift, to colleagues. An important focus of the training courses and seminars I offer is the practical learning of the Sensation method.

I would be pleased to welcome you in my seminars.